Channel Views: 9,124,137
Subscribers: 108,000
Total Videos: 427

Andrew Berry, a professional Goldsmith and Bench Jeweller for over 35 years, shares his knowledge to enable you to become a more proficient and profitable jeweller.
Channel Views: 28,225,897
Subscribers: 167,000
Total Videos: 299

G'day and welcome to Black Opal Direct! My name's Justin, and I make videos on the gorgeous and unique Australian opal. You'll find the best opal gems in the world that we source from Lightning Ridge, Australia. Join me as I show you the incredible world of this Australian gemstone. I'll teach you what I've learnt in my 30 years of opal mining, cutting, polishing and more! Shop our gorgeous opals and opal jewelry on our site: Cheers!
Channel Views: 3,552,930
Subscribers: 12,900
Total Videos: 495

BlueCap Productions is committed to providing the highest quality video experience to mineral collectors around the world. We bring our many years of experience and professional-level production value to every project we produce. We are constantly inventing new video series to serve the mineral collecting world. Visit our website at and drop us a line.
Channel Views: 45,021,709
Subscribers: 653,000
Total Videos: 75

I am Bobby White, London based jewellery designer and jeweller to the stars. I have created and made jewellery for Rihanna, Jay-z and Beyonce to name but a few. In 2016, Channel 4 made and aired in the UK a hit new documentary called 'Million Pound Jewellers' featuring myself and my brother Tommy. In Million Pound Jewellers we inverted the cameras into our world as we created uber-chic pieces of jewellery for celebrity clients, from diamond-encrusted grenades to rockets full of gemstones. I have now created the Bobby White YouTube channel, turned the cameras back on and again letting you back into our world. I will create weekly vlogs from inside the Bobby White lab. I promise not only will you watch us design and create same of the world’s most unique jewels but just like Million Pound Jewellers, you will see the arguments, the wins, the love and the losses. Enjoy!!
Channel Views: 302,679
Subscribers: 4,860
Total Videos: 45

Lapidary tutorials, Rocks, Cabochon, Faceting, Silversmithing and Tools.
Channel Views: 1,097,537
Subscribers: 25,900
Total Videos: 83

My name is Bregje and I am the proud owner of Estona. I am a metalsmith enthousiast and started my business from scratch. I produce my own jewelry line in The Netherlands. Because I am so in love with working as a metalsmith and learned a lot from youtube myself, I have decided to post my own tutorials. As a thank you to all of those who have shared their work with me, and for all of you who want to learn more about this profession. I will post a new video every thursday at CET. You can follow the metalsmithing course I have created and buy necessary tools and materials through my website if you are interested. Off course you can follow individual tutorials as well. All video's are and will remain free. I hope I can inspire you to explore becoming a metalsmith or maybe you just like to follow along to see how jewelry is made. Have a great time and please leave a comment if you'ld like. If you don't want to miss out on any of the tutorials, just subscribe to my channel. Thanks a lot!
Channel Views: 436,242
Subscribers: 5,530
Total Videos: 202

Hello again! This is Fire Agate Mark and Tony Rose, two long time friends and RockHounds. Each of us have been collecting rare and gorgeous material for most of our lives. We've each developed our own techniques for our individual crafts and we'd love to share them with you! For individual guidance, we can provide 1 on 1 tutorials even video chat. We'll establish various levels on the Page Combining our shops and knowledge, working on creating a holistic approach to gems and minerals. From locating and digging to setting into jewelery to posting it for sale. You know Fire Agate Mark, here's a little more about Tony Rose. He's a mine owner and had over 15 years of dedicated experience to his craft. He specializes in Welo Opal cutting and The Idaho Star Garnet. We'll be featuring more of these in upcoming shows.
Channel Views: 431,370
Subscribers: 3,340
Total Videos: 84

Greetings from the Gemstone Artist - with gem-hunting adventures, gem-cutting videos - and cutting and design how-to for both hobby and professional gem artists.
Channel Views: 1,963,097
Subscribers: 15,300
Total Videos: 262

Lapidary tips, tricks, giveaways, gear review, artist interview, field trips, vloggings, and much much more! 🙂
Channel Views: 7,607,073
Subscribers: 55,100
Total Videos: 270

Michigan Rocks is about rock hunting, rock polishing, and lapidary arts. Most of my rock hunts are on beautiful Great Lakes beaches. The rocks I tumble and work with are not all from Michigan, but most of the outdoor videos are. Hi, I'm Rob. I have been learning about rocks and how to polish them for over ten years. I have several tutorials on how to use a rock tumbler. I also have a series called "Rocks in a Box" where I show rocks that I have tumbled in the past. Besides tumbling, I slab rocks, make jewelry and do other creative projects. I'll do my best to teach you what I know. You can expect more outdoor videos during the spring, summer, and fall and more indoor lapidary videos during the long Michigan winters. I post every Friday and some Tuesdays. I am not a geologist, so I'll identify rocks I recognize and admit when I don't know what something. There is a lot I don't know, so I hope to learn some from my viewers. I think we have a pretty good community growing here.
Channel Views: 16,309,846
Subscribers: 77,800
Total Videos: 9,311

We are a jewelry store that takes pride in our custom gem cutting that is done on site, our award winning custom jewelry designer (Christopher Michael), our in-store manufacturing of jewelry, and world travels we take to find our rare gems. We also have expert jewelry repair on-site. Steve Moriarty(owner) travels to the sources of rare gems including, Tanzania, Kenya, Madagascar, Brazil, Thailand, Burma and Cambodia. We have deleted the middle men from the supply chain in order to give you the highest quality gems and precious metals available at the lowest possible price. We are the gem cutters, jewelry designer under the name "Christopher Michael" and manufacturer of most of the items you will see in our store. If you want a unique or custom made piece of high quality jewelry, Moriarty's Gem Art is the place to shop. We're your gem among jewelers. You can find us online at:
Channel Views: 17,392,389
Subscribers: 79,300
Total Videos: 566

GIA is the Largest, Most Respected Nonprofit Source of Gemological Knowledge in the World GIA exists to connect people to the understanding of gems. As a long-standing scientific authority, GIA is not only a unique source for diamond knowledge, its grading reports inspire confidence wherever they appear. GIA's commitment to protecting diamond buyers inspired the Institute to create the 4Cs and the International Diamond Grading System™. These methods are the universal benchmarks by which all diamonds are judged. As the birthplace of these standards, and with its investment in continued gemological research, GIA's authority is unequaled. The world's most respected retailers, museums, auction houses and private collectors rely on the expertise of GIA graders to assess, grade and verify their gems. They recognize the importance of complete, unbiased, scientific information in gem assessment, and absolutely trust GIA to provide it. To learn more, visit:
Channel Views: 6,566,163
Subscribers: 91,100
Total Videos: 340

The Online Jewelry Academy (OJA) was established in 2012 by co-founders John Ahr and Don Hunt. Working with just a cell phone camera, the two produced their first videos for YouTube. The response to their initial videos was encouraging. So, Ahr and Hunt decided to continue to produce educational videos for anyone interested in making jewelry. As their access to video recording and editing technology increased, so did the number and quality of their videos. But, the two men have remained consistent in adhering to three principles in each of their videos: Safety First Step-by-step instruction that's easy to follow Concise and interesting lessons You can find the complete Online Jewelry Academy (OJA) playlist here on YouTube or on the OJA's website at:
Channel Views: 7,371,509
Subscribers: 48,600
Total Videos: 103

I make opal gems/gemstones out of rough opal--DIY jewelry, including pendants, bracelets, and rings. I like all kinds of opal--Australian opal, Ethiopian opal, Mexican Opal, and Brazilian opal. Watch me cut and polish crystal opal, black opal, boulder opal, and even synthetic opal/"fake" opal. One of my specialties: Andamooka matrix opal. A favorite it Australian Fire Opal. On my channel, you can learn how to cut opal, how to polish opal, where to buy opal, and how much opal is worth. I also talk about fossils, agate, jasper, and arrowheads/knapping. Although I'm from the US, I love the history of Australian opal mining towns like Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, Andamooka, and Mintabie. This is an educational science channel about opal jewelry. I like to think I'm funny, but maybe I'm not. I don't sell rough or solid opal, BUT I do accept rough opal from dealers and individuals to make videos with. See my email address below. Thanks!
Channel Views: 13,214,931
Subscribers: 98,900
Total Videos: 487

For the Love of Jewelers At Rio, we believe in jewelers. In the digital age, perhaps this is a radical idea. But we remain committed to supporting anyone who has ever picked up a piece of metal and made something wearable. We exist to support the bench jeweler, the jewelry designer, the retail jeweler and the jewelry manufacturer. We stand for makers who create with their hands and their hearts and who are courageous enough to make jewelry their livelihood. Why do we choose to work this way? Because we know that the work you do is important. After all, jewelry is more than fashion. It is art. It is history. It is a story. The pieces you make become heirlooms that transcend time. They capture stories and encapsulate them in metal. We work as a behind-the-scenes character in your own story as a jeweler, and we are proud to support you, your work and your business in every way we can. #RioJeweler on social networks
Channel Views: 199,989
Subscribers: 4,590
Total Videos: 42


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