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JUNE 2018

THE HUACHUCA DIGGERS The Newsletter of the Huachuca Mineral & Gem Club, Inc. P.O. Box 1596, Sierra Vista, AZ 85636-1596 Web Site: http://huachucamineralandgemclub.info  June 2018 
Business meeting first Monday each month, Sierra Vista Public Library Conference Room,  5:00 p.m. Members welcome.
General Membership meeting third Wednesday each month, 7:00 p.m., Conference Room, Cochise College Library, Sierra Vista
Club field trips generally the Saturday after the club meeting, to be announced
CLUB OFFICERS 2018 President………….… Ron Brooks …………. 378-2592 1st Vice-President ..... Dave Dechant ……….. 458-8088 2nd Vice-President .… Greg Radzykewycz 520-221-0111 Secretary …………... Tracy Freeman ………. 344-2133 Treasurer ………..…. Glenn Bailey …..…..… 378-6291 Member-at-Large ….. Marty Keller …….....… 803-0667 
COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS 2018 Library ………..… Tom & Myra Rogers ….... 803-6547 Newsletter …….… Ingrid Baillie …………… 459-3718 Education/History.. Maudie Bailey ………….. 378-6291          Ingrid Baillie ………..…. 459-3718          Marty Keller ………….... 803-0667 Programs ………....  Membership …..…. Ingrid Baillie..………….. 459-3718 Show …………….. Maudie Bailey …………. 378-6291 Trips ……………... Maudie Bailey …………. 378-6291 Social ……………. Sandy Bates ……………. 378-4468 Scholarships …..…. Dave Dechant ……......… 458-8088
   This month’s meeting will be Wednesday, June 20, at 7:00 p.m. at the Cochise College Library’s conference room.   A program on glyptodons will be presented by Glenn Minuth, who has talked to the club before. Jennifer Lavelle and Jerry Kawamoto will provide the refreshments. Thank you.    One item of business will be a change in the bylaws, as noted below.
BENCH TIPS FROM BRAD SMITH  From www.bradsmithjewelry.com
REVOLVING SOLDER PAD: Often when we’re soldering we have multiple pieces on the pad or a single piece and would like to work on several sides of it during the same heat.    One of the ways to deal with this is to put your solder pad onto a turntable. That way you can rotate each piece into position when you need to or you can rotate the pad to reach another side of a larger piece.    All you need to make one of these is a piece of aluminum sheet and an inexpensive turn table assembly. A good hardware store will have both, although you can usually find the aluminum sheet and cut out ½ inch notches from each corner. Then I used a bench vice to bend the sides along the dotted lines to form a tray that cradles the solder pad. I 2
attached the tray to the turntable assembly with a couple small flat-head machine screws and nuts. NEW BENCH TIPS BOOK: For those who enjoy these bench tips, I’m happy to announce a second volume that is now available on Amazon. “More Bench Tips“ includes 86 additional ways to save time, avoid frustration or improve quality at the bench. These new tips cover problems in fabrication, stone setting, casting, soldering and polishing. Browse through a couple of the new ones at http://amazon.com/dp/B07D484511/. QUENCHING: Do you hear that little hiss when some jewelers drop a hot piece from soldering directly into the pickle? That hiss sends small droplets of acid into the air that can rust nearby tools and can’t be all that good to breathe. To avoid this, I keep a coffee cup of water at the solder station to cool a soldered piece before dumping it into the pickle. It’s also useful for annealing metals and for cooling off tweezers.
“The United States of America is over 3.8 Million Square Miles in size and of that over 2.28 Million Square Miles (3,459.2 Million Acres) is ‘Public Lands’ owned by the taxpayers of the United States and managed by various agencies of our Federal Government for and on behalf of the Citizens of the United States. Some of this land is not accessible to the American Public as in Military Installations and some parts of National Monuments, National Forests and National Parks.    The AFMS Conservation and Legislation Committee is tasked to investigate and act upon matters concerning Recreational Rockhounding on your public lands. This is a monumental task when all of the Public Lands of the United States are considered. There are some public lands in all 50 states and some of this land is appropriate to support Recreational Rockhounding activities. This 1,459.2 Million Acres of public land in all fifty states is more area than can be assessed and investigated for potential restrictions, loss of access and closure to the Recreational Rockhound than one person can effectively cover. With tens of thousands of AFMS Members in the United States,
statistically, there should be at least one AFMS member with the desire and passion in each state to help keep Recreational Rockhounding a viable recreational activity that all can enjoy.    With nearly a decade of being an active member and chair of the AFMS Conservation and Legislation Committee I know how involved and time consuming this activity can be. Nevertheless the work must continue if Recreational Rockhounding is to survive in this time of change and regulations. I also recognize and accept the fact that a committee of 50 is as non functional as a committee of one. I am now looking to find seven to ten pro-active Rockhounds within the AFMS who have the desire and passion to be part of a committee that will be trying to preserve Recreational Rockhounding as a functional activity on your public lands. If you are one of these AFMS Rockhounds please contact me and we will discuss your appointment to this important committee. I can be reached at smartin@antelecon.net.     John Martin, AFMS Conservation & Legislation Committee
   Happy Birthday to all members who have a birthday in June. Included in this group are: Shelly Cantrell, Tracy Freeman, Gwyn Kousky, Robert Richardson, Sheila Scoby, Lilly Walton.    Hope you all enjoy your special days.
Article VII, Election of Officers, Section 3b: Officers may be elected to succeed themselves in the same office for one term. It was proposed to strike this section so the article will read: Section 3a: The elected officers shall be as follows:    President, one (1) year    First vice-president, one (1) year    Second vice-president, one (1) year    Secretary, two (2) years    Treasurer, two (2) years Section 3b: Officers may be elected to succeed themselves in the office for one term. Section 4: The newly elected officers shall be installed at the January meeting. Section 5: In the event of incomplete terms of office, the remaining Executive Board members shall make appointments to fill vacancies for unexpired terms. Section 6:  In the event of an uncompleted term of office, the appointee finishing that term of greater than six (6) months, shall be considered to have served a full term. Section 7: Continued absence by an officer from scheduled meetings without justification may be cause for dismissal from office at the discretion of the Executive Board.    There is more to the article, mostly concerned with items owned by the club transferring to the new officers.
   A beautiful, cool day in the shade, next to the lake, greeted the HMGC representatives at the National Get Outdoors Day at Parker Canyon Lake Saturday, June 9. Maudie and Glenn Bailey, Kathy Zapperoli, and Harold and Ingrid Baillie spent the morning and part of the afternoon giving away rocks to little kids. Near the end of the day, about 2:00, little bags of rocks were given to some of the “hot shot” fire fighters who were hanging out at the lake. Groups of fire fighters are apparently rotated among firesensitive areas to be on hand in case of wild fires.    Smokey the Bear arrived, which made Kathy happy – she likes Smokey. Approximately 100 little bags of rocks were given out.    Some of the activities included fishing lessons by AZ Fish & Wildlife, a herpetologist group with their snakes and other critters, a pool with soap bubbles made with hula hoops, a Forest Service booth, among several other groups

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