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April 2018

Business meeting first Monday each month, Sierra Vista Public Library Conference Room,

5:00 p.m. Members welcome.


General Membership meeting third Wednesday each month, 7:00 p.m., Conference Room, Cochise College Library, Sierra Vista


Club field trips generally the Saturday after the club meeting, to be announced




President………….… Ron Brooks …………. 378-2592

1st Vice-President .....Dave Dechant ……….. 458-8088

2nd Vice-President .…Greg Radzykewycz 520-221-0111

Secretary …………... Tracy Freeman ………. 344-2133

Treasurer ………..…. Glenn Bailey …..…..… 378-6291

Member-at-Large ….. Marty Keller …….....… 803-0667


Library ………..… Tom & Myra Rogers ….... 803-6547

Newsletter …….… Ingrid Baillie …………… 459-3718

Education/History.. Maudie Bailey ………….. 378-6291

                               Ingrid Baillie ………..…. 459-3718

                               Marty Keller ………….... 803-0667

Programs ………....

Membership …..…. Ingrid Baillie..………….. 459-3718

Show …………….. Maudie Bailey …………. 378-6291

Trips ……………... Ron Brooks ……………. 378-2592

Social ………...Mat & Jennifer Lavelle ...719-660-6094  

Scholarships …..….Dave Dechant ……......… 458-8088



This month’s field trip is to the house of a member, who is moving. He has a large selection of rocks and geodes from his travels around the country he wishes to pass on. Lots of interesting stuff, including quartz crystal plates. For some of it he wants a couple of dollars, and he does have some equipment he would like to sell at a very reasonable cost.

   He has a Genie, several tumblers and a rock saw he would sell at a very good price to any club member who wishes to purchase them. And I know he has totes of cut slabs he is asking five dollars a tote for.

   We will meet  up Sunday the 22nd at the corner of Moson Road and State Route 90; we will leave there to head to his house at 10:00 a.m. on the dot.

   On Sunday the 15th, at 10 a.m., the juniors will be coming to my house to work on their lapidary badges; Jerry will be bringing some of his equipment to help out.



Mary Kay Beale, 91, passed away at Banner University Medical Center in Tucson, March 12. A memorial celebration in her honor is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. Saturday, April 14, at Faith Presbyterian Church, 2053 E. Choctaw Dr. in Sierra Vista.

   Kay was born in Charleston, IL, August 3, 1926. She was preceded in death by her husband, Robert, several years ago. She is survived by her step-daughter, niece, three nephews, four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter.

   As president of the club in the mid-1990s, Mary Kay, being a retired teacher, assigned members topics to discuss at monthly meetings. One did not say “no” to Mary Kay. She was a life time member of the club, and had an extensive mineral collection. Bob had built up a wall-sized display case where they kept their best specimens. Mary Kay and Bob participated in club field trips, and for a few shows were the show chairmen.



   Dave Kerr, another longtime member of the club, died March 19. A memorial service was held on March 28 in his honor at the Community Christian Church on King’s Way.

   He is survived by his wife, Patt, and their son Todd.

The Kerrs moved to Sierra Vista in 1990, after having lived in numerous places after their marriage. Some of his favorite things to do was fishing and rock collecting, as well as driving trucks. Although he did not hold an office with the club, he did a lot of work “behind the scenes” and was very active when club members set up information booths at various city events, put on the annual show, etc.

   He and Patt liked to go in their RV, and annually made a trip to several northern states, and always came back with rocks.



   Larry (Lawrence) Stallcup passed away Thursday, April 12. He was born in February 1936 and died April 6, 2018.

   Larry and Nancy were married in 1969, while Larry was in the Army. They traveled the world, eventually moving to Sierra Vista while he served at Fort Huachuca. Larry retired from the Army in 1990, after having served since approximately 1960.

   Larry is survived by his wife, Nancy, and their son, Joseph. They have been members of the HMGC since they moved to Sierra Vista, joining the club in 1970. They were active in the club, with Nancy serving as secretary and Larry as show chairman for two years.

   A memorial service will be held at a later date. 



 NO-MAR PLIERS:  Pliers can often leave nicks and scratches on your work. If this is giving you a problem, first take a close look at the plier jaws. New tools can be a little rough. I typically relieve any sharp edges, sand away any tool marks, and give working areas a quick polish.

   If that doesn’t solve the problem, you probably need to cover the jaws. Plastic electrical tape provides a quick fix but can leave messy adhesive on the jaws, and dips don’t seem to last very long.

   A quick and easy solution is to slip a length of 1/8 diameter vinyl tubing over each jaw. It works well and leaves no sticky residue. The tubing can be found in a store that sells aquarium supplies. Note that this will increase the size of the plier jaws a bit, but I haven’t found that to be a problem.

PATINA RECIPES: Sometimes it’s fun to explore some new patinas. If this appeals to you, here are a couple Web sites that have ideas particularly for copper and bronze.

The first is The Science Company at http://www.sciencecompany.com/Do-It-Yourself-Patina -Formulas-W12C672.aspx with plenty of formulas for a variety of colors. And there are more formulas at Tim McCreight’sBrynmorgen Press Web site at http://www.brynmorgen.com/resources.html.

   Small quantities of chemicals for making your own patinas are available from The Science Company at http://www.sciencecompany.com/Patina-Chemicals-Patina-Book-C672.aspx.

   If you prefer to buy the patinas ready to use, one of the best sources I’ve come across is Sculpt Nouveau at http://www.sculptnouveau.com/ . Don’t miss all the instructional pdf’s on the site and be sure to take a look at the videos showing how to use the products at http://www.youtube.com/sculptnouveau.



   The meeting was called to order at 4:55 p.m. by President Ron Brooks. Others present were 2nd Vice President Greg Radzykewycz, Social Committee Mat and Jennifer Lavelle, Member Marty Keller,

Member Ingrid Baillie, Treasurer Assistant Maudie Bailey.

   Treasurer’s report: Maudie read the report, said she put $10,000 in CD savings at 1.69%; she deposited $175 from income at the March meeting. The club got a renewal receipt from the info.com domain for our annual cost of $20.17.

   Maudie said she received an informational letter from Sierra Suites. They would like their name on our information flyers with their fee of $69 for king size and $89 for double rooms. The discussion was tabled until later.

   Scholarships: No report

   Junior Rockhounds: Ron said that Jordan, Hunter and Max finished their badge work in March. Jordan will get another badge at the April meeting. Ron said that several junior members will work on their lapidary badge on April 15 at Ron’s house. All active members have received a turitella specimen for their fossils badge.

   Refreshments: Josie Keller and Joann Tromzavolunteered to take goodies to the meeting in April.

   Program: There is no program yet.

   Field trip: the Sunday after the meeting, April 22, will be a gathering at Larry Nelson’s home; he wants to sell equipment and rocks because he will be moving soon. More information at the meeting.


  • Math & Science Experience April 27
  • West End Fair May 5
  • Get Outdoors Day June 9

New Business: A suggestion has been made to increase HMGC donation to the Buena Robotics group from $750 to $1,000. This will be voted on at the general meeting.

Old Business: Discussion on flyers from BLM, a price for flyers could not be found. Tabled.

   The meeting was adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

                      Ingrid Baillie, Substitute Secretary



   In an article in the April 5, 2018 Sierra Vista Herald/Review, Eric Petermann wrote that “A Scottsdale consulting firm, retained by Excelsior Mining Arizona, Inc., has estimated that if the Gunnison Copper Project is approved it will contribute nearly $21.2 million to local school districts during the next 11 years.”

   He went on to say that the Gunnison Copper Project covers 9,560 acres located between Benson and Willcox, and incorporates the bankrupt Johnson Camp Mine, which was purchased in 2015.

   “Excelsior, which has its international headquarters in Phoenix, is utilizing in situ mining to inject a weak sulfuric acid solution into bedrock about 600 feet below its property located on both the north and south sides of Interstate 10 east of Benson.

   The acid is recovered, and equipment at the Johnson Camp Mine extracts copper from the solution….”

   Pros and cons on this issue include the positives brought to the school districts by the mine – Safford, Cochise Elementary School District, Benson Unified School District and Cochise College are among the projected beneficiaries from taxes generated by the mining company. The organization, Earthworks, feels that the project endangers local groundwater.

    Production is expected to begin in 2019, with permits already approved by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality.



   A VERY Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday this month. Included are: Marta Akerman, Jean Langkow, Gerald Kawamoto, Dawn Manion, and any others who did not wish to share their birthday months.


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